Tool Objective

The project was to develop a visualization tool presenting similarity among documents in a document space in both 2D and 3D, which helps users easily perceive the distance among documents in the space. By providing the desired data source, expert users can use the tool as a visualization service or incorpoate it into other Information Retrieval applications for displaying the distance data.

Tool Description

This idea was initiated and developed as a part of the Information Storage and Retrieval course mainly concerning about the processes of documents' similarity distance calculation. Unlike the predecessor project, the primary goal of the tool within this project scope was not to provide users understanding the calculation processes. Instead, the visualization part of tool has been rebuilt in order to serve other existing information retrieval systems as a visualization tool because the concept of this tool is useful for various projects in information retrieval area. In other words, the tool can be add, modified, upgrade to support the visualization of other IR systems. This current version can be used as both standalone and visualization service.

How to use this tool as a visualization service? Please check out How to use the Tool?.

About the tool developer

Kittipong Techapanichgul is a developer of ADVisE 3D. As a part of his independent study, the tool was stemmed from some concepts of the predecessor project. The new features of the tool are developed to primarily support the visualization modules.

The detailed documentation about the predecessor project can be found here.


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